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Commemorative Bells
Michael Greco Wins Guilford 375th Anniversary Photo Contest
Betty Abel, Guilford
Guilford & The Civil War
Recreation in Guilford
Guilford Green - Aerial View
Guilford High School Construction January 2014
Guilford Town Photo
Civil War Soldiers of Guilford
From San Francisco to Guilford

Welcome to Guilford’s 375th Anniversary Website

Founded in 1639, the historic shoreline Town of Guilford, Connecticut is celebrating its 375th Anniversary throughout 2014. We thank you - our current and past residents, our local business owners and in-town employees, our organizations and civil groups, our neighboring Shoreline communities, and all who enjoy New England charm throughout the seasons - in joining us in celebrating this milestone year.

Throughout 2014, the Guilford 375th Anniversary Celebration Committee hosted a series of signature events, starting with the Guilford's Generations Jubilee which was held on December 31, 2013. So many joined in the fun by attending our events, sponsoring our activities, volunteering their time and talents, sharing their Guilford Story, and spreading the word to family and friends. Also, many contacted us to share ideas, request special reunions and 375-related events, and express gratitude.

As 2014 comes to a close, we will no longer be publishing content on this website, but will continue to offer it as an online archive. Until then, there's still time to connect and contribute! What was your favorite 375th Anniversary Memory? Here's ours - submit yours today!

Featured Image Submitted by Ben Kuropat

The Olmstead Overlook Gate, Summer 2014. Have an historic or current day photo of Guilford you'd like to share? Submit your photo today >>

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My 375th Anniversary Memories

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Town residents gather at noon for the Guilford Generations Jubilee kick-off event, December 31, 2013.

My 375th Anniversary Memories

by Stephen Page It's hard … [Read More...]

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