My 375th Anniversary Memories – BG

by Brian McGlone

I think at times I take this wonderful community of Guilford for granted. I don’t think about what it must have been like when our community was settled in 1639, 375 years ago! However, participating on the 375th Anniversary Committee gave me a chance to be involved and enabled me to reflect on our past, live in our present, and dream about our future.

When we started planning and fundraising about 18 months before the start of 2014, it seemed so far in the future and we questioned whether we could generate enough money to fund all without using tax payers’ money. It was great to see our amazing Committee jump into action planning the Signature Events and then watching hundreds of volunteers sign up to be a part of each event while many created their own events.  Like we do with so many programs requiring fundraising,  we asked our business leaders to help financially and with involvement in any way they could. Needless to say, they rose to the occasion. Many of our residents also donated financially and many more gave of their time and talents to ensure the success of our events. Without these businesses and people, we couldn’t have accomplished all we set out to do, and then some!

The real joy for me was watching our community get involved. When we started, we wanted ALL to participate.  Over the course of the year, we witnessed it happening – young and old, our schools and youth groups, the library and museums, civic groups and non-profit organizations, churches and arts organizations, and more.

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I was involved with our Signature Event, Guilford and the Civil War, a day of tribute and living history. It was an outstanding day even though we had a brief rainstorm. The spirits of all participants were not dampened by the rain drops. The day was certainly entertaining but its educational value was even more beneficial. It would take me too much space to describe the day, and hopefully, most of you had a chance to experience some of the activities. A special “thank you” goes to our Committee Chair, Edie Brown, and her team including: Tracy Tomaselli, Tara Hunt Melvin, Dennis Culliton, and William Boughton, and all of the others who supported this event.

Personally, I was pleased to be a part of the 375th Anniversary Committee. Our family has lived in Guilford since 1980 and we hope we are around to celebrate the 400th in 2039!

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