The Big Barn Project (BBP)

by Bill Black

The Dudley FarmThe rooster crows, the sheep baa, and the oxen look like gentle giants as they graze in the pasture. Just another day on the Dudley Farm.

With its period exhibits in the farm house, various outbuildings, livestock, and picturesque grounds, The Dudley Farm Museum reflects life on a late 19th Century New England farm. Visitor’s compliments are a testament to this success.  Now we’re going to take it a step further.

Next to the house is the gray weathered barn which you’ve seen as you walked around the state’s second oldest Farmers’ Market or attended one of the many activities sponsored by the Museum. Or maybe you’ve sat for a while on a Saturday morning in the shade of a large maple tree listening to the Dudley Farm String Band.

Did you ever wonder how it was on the Farm years ago? Well, that big barn is going to be restored, and after the three year project is completed the residents of Guilford will have one of the area’s best exhibits of farm equipment and tools. These exhibits will complement the displays in the main house along with the animals to provide all visitors, young and old, the experience of what it was like on a late 19th Century farm.

Such an ambitious project will require time, expertise, and, of course, financing, so we are actively pursuing funding to make this a reality. The Dudley Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) and receives no monetary funding from the Town of Guilford. All contributions to the Big Barn Project are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Any individual or business interested in supporting this project will find more information at the Museum’s website, Or contact Bill Black, (203) 457-1459.

Please consider helping us make memories of an old generation memories for the current and future generations.

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