Local Girl Scouts Continue the Tradition of Supporting the Military

Connecticut’s role in the Civil War was mainly one of providing equipment, arms, money, supplies and manpower for the Union Army and the Union Navy, but Guilford’s role was a more personal one. In the 1860s, just as today, virtually no family escaped the pain of war as sons, fathers, brothers, friends, and neighbors marched off to battle. The Guilford community rallied behind them, offering care and support to the soldiers and their families. The women of the Soldier's Aid Society made socks, … [Read more...]

Guilford and the Civil War

by Tracy Tomaselli Between the years 1861 and 1865, the United States was engaged in the Civil War, the deadliest war in American history. Guilford did its duty, providing men, supplies and support. The Town sent hundreds of its men off to the war; sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and neighbors. Many of these loved ones did not return and their sacrifices have been memorialized on the Civil War monument that stands proudly in the center of the Guilford Green, an homage to those … [Read more...]

Guilford and the Civil War: A Day of Tribute

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Guilford and the Civil War:  A Day of Tribute History comes alive when Guilford and the Civil War:  A Day of Tribute takes place on the Guilford Green on Saturday, May 31st, from 11 am to 7 pm.  The Guilford 375th Anniversary Signature Event commemorates the Civil War, in which more Guilford townspeople fought than in any other war. The names of 56 of these soldiers are inscribed on the pink and gray granite soldiers’ monument that stands in the middle of the … [Read more...]

The Crystal Ball – A Huge Success!

On March 29th, the second of the 5 Signature Celebrations of 2014 took place. The Crystal Ball was held at the Pine Orchard Club. 130 attendees enjoyed delicious food, drink, fellowship, and the opportunity to dance to Eight to the Bar. No birthday party would be complete until a birthday cake has been presented and cut. Celebration Committee Chair Veronica Wallace and First Selectman Joe Mazza did those honors.  If you would like to see pictures of the party, please click here to see … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – AC

by Anita Catardi As I look back on our town's Generations Jubilee, I am pleased with the way it developed. I experienced a day of a rise and drop of emotions. At 11:40 a.m., I was anxious when the fire truck was there and the crowd amounted to about 10, maybe 12. My heart dropped to my feet. A year's worth of work and no one was coming. With my head down I didn't know how I was going to get through the day. I looked up and like ants at a picnic, streams of people - families, kids, elderly, … [Read more...]

Music, Memories & More at Guilford’s Generations Jubilee

by Lisa Calderone [easy-media med="1357" align="left" mark="gallery-lIY8jm" style="dark"]<-- Click on the photo to the left for a Photo Slideshow of the Generations Jubilee! Over a thousand residents and fans of Guilford, Connecticut showed up in the downtown area throughout the Generations Jubilee celebration that kicked-off the Town's 375th Anniversary Year on December 31, 2013. The energy was electric, not only from the sheer number who gathered as a community to participate, but … [Read more...]

Guilford’s Generations Jubilee Schedule of Events

Plan your New Year's Eve / 375th Anniversary Kick-Off Event with the Guilford Generations Jubilee Program Booklet (PDF) or at-a-glance schedule below. Wristbands that will give access to ALL events will be available on-site or pre-sale at the following venues. Get your wristbands today - don't delay! (Seating for the concerts are limited.) Guilford Chamber of Commerce Front Desk of the Community Center Page Hardware & Appliance Co. Selectman’s Office in Town Hall Schedule of … [Read more...]

Guilford’s Generations Jubilee

Kick off the year-long celebration of Guilford’s 375th Birthday in 2014 with a day-long series of family-friendly events near or around the Guilford Green, culminating in fireworks in the downtown area. When: December 31, 2013, from Noon - 8 p.m. Where: Guilford Green What:  A family -oriented day of entertainment Totally alcohol-free Games Music Food Noise Parade! Fireworks Event Details On Tuesday, December 31, Guilford Generations Jubilee, a day of fun and … [Read more...]

Crystal Ball

Join us for dinner, dancing, and an evening of mingling and merriment to celebrate Guilford's 375th Birthday! A beautiful setting surrounds you as we celebrate Guilford’s birthday with the Crystal Ball at the Pine Orchard & Country Yacht Club. Learn more: Crystal Ball Flyer (PDF) When: March 29, 2014, 7 p.m. to Midnight Where: Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club What:  An evening of dining and dancing, Black Tie (optional), including: Cocktails & Hors D'ouvres Dinner … [Read more...]

Guilford & the Civil War

Join us for a town-wide reenactment of Civil War life complete with an encampment on the Guilford Green, orators, and culminating in a dynamic concert. When: May 31, 2014 Where: Guilford Green What:  Day of fun on the Green highlighting Guilford's Civil War history Greet & meet Re-enactment characters Day culminates in a dynamic concert Event Details Did you ever wonder why there is a civil war monument in the middle of Guilford's Green? Find out next spring, on May … [Read more...]