Thank You from the Guilford 375th Anniversary Committee

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Limited Supply of 375th Merchandise Left!

Shop early for the holidays while Guilford's 375th Anniversary commemorative merchandise is still being sold! Page Hardware, on 9 Boston Street on the Town Green, has a limited supply of: 375 Hats 375 Mugs 375 Bells Don't let 2014 close without your own Guilford@375 special merchandise! … [Read more...]

Michael Greco Wins Guilford 375th Anniversary Photo Contest

Michael Greco, a graduate of Guilford High School Class of 2014, was the winner of the photo contest sponsored by the Guilford 375th Anniversary Committee for GHS students.  Michael’s photo of the Goss Property, now part of the East River Preserve, captured the greatest number of Committee votes. Supervised by GHS English teacher Sarah Kostandin, the contest was open to all Guilford High School students.  It was the third student competition sponsored by the Committee in its efforts to … [Read more...]

Guilford Turns its Town Green into 1860’s America

History came alive on the gorgeous spring day of May 31, 2014, when the Guilford Green was abuzz with stories, music, dance, theatre, horse-drawn carriages and more, channeling 1860's America. "Guilford & The Civil War: A Day of Tribute" took place in honor of Guilford's 375th Anniversary, commemorating the valiant soldiers who fought and gave their lives in America's deadliest war, and recognizing as well the families and entire Guilford community who supported them on the homefront. … [Read more...]

The Crystal Ball – A Huge Success!

On March 29th, the second of the 5 Signature Celebrations of 2014 took place. The Crystal Ball was held at the Pine Orchard Club. 130 attendees enjoyed delicious food, drink, fellowship, and the opportunity to dance to Eight to the Bar. No birthday party would be complete until a birthday cake has been presented and cut. Celebration Committee Chair Veronica Wallace and First Selectman Joe Mazza did those honors.  If you would like to see pictures of the party, please click here to see … [Read more...]

Leisure & Recreation in Guilford: Then & Now

by  Lisa Calderone-Perrelli Click cover photo below to view slideshow: [easy-media med="1858" align="center" mark="gallery-4CvoMC" style="dark"] Just imagine. When the 25 men aboard the Saint John that sailed from England to New Haven signed the Plantation Covenant in June 1639 to join together to "plant [themselves] in New England," they had one thought in mind: survival. Little did they know that 375 years later, the land they planted themselves in - Guilford, Connecticut - … [Read more...]

Memories of Guilford

My family moved to Guilford in 1959. I started third grade at Church St. School, now the Guilford Recreation Center. I remember walking to the Grove swimming hole behind the Guilford Vet through the fields, with my mother and younger siblings for a picnic and a swim in the afternoon. Sleeping out under the stars, but never sleeping. Listening to the bull frogs in the pond late at night. Raiding Bishops Apple Orchards. Maple Shade for ice cream. Painting the town Green Merchant's windows at … [Read more...]

Aerial Guilford

Wondering what Guilford, Connecticut looks like from on high? Here's a tour, courtesy of Jim Goodridge of Sunset Creek Development, circa January 2014. Remember to check in throughout 2014 - Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall - to see more aerial tours of Guilford, where we all get by with a little help from our friends... … [Read more...]

High School Education in Guilford, Then & Now

by Lisa Calderone (originally published in the Guilford Events Magazine) "With a large enrollment our teachers and officials are now patiently and silently working under severe handicaps. Perhaps in the near future the citizens of Guilford will see their way clear to erect as strong, enduring and suitable a structure for the present and coming generations as did the Founders of the Guilford Institute eighty years ago. This would be quite in keeping with the spirit of the original donors, … [Read more...]

From San Francisco to Guilford: Embracing Warmth, Embracing Home

by Maia Ettinger When Donna and I - both East Coasters - decided we'd had enough of San Francisco, we drew a 100-mile radius around New York City and started looking for a new home. Let's face it: an interracial lesbian couple can't go just anywhere. Sadly, there are still places we'd be unwelcome. We looked at Westport and Fairfield, but the houses were expensive, and the communities didn't seem so warm. Then someone suggested Guilford. We were instantly taken with the beautiful green and … [Read more...]