My 375th Anniversary Memories – SB

by Schuyler Beeman I was given the beautiful opportunity to share my Guilford experience with the community for the New Year's Eve 375th Celebration through my love of show-tunes. When approached about participating, I went through a few themes for my evening of stories and songs, and the idea of "home" was the one that felt solid and true to not only the celebration, but to myself. A Guilford, Connecticut native, I loved finding songs that brought me back to my joyous history growing up … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – MB

by Mary Beeman I felt honored to have been invited to join the planning committee of Guilford’s 375th. While I had to resign after a few months due to the time constraints of a new job, I continued to be active outside of the Committee. My church, First Church of Christ Scientist on Park Street, hosted two major events for the year-long celebration:  a series of concerts for Generations Jubilee and Civil War plays. During Guilford’s Generations Jubilee, we hosted 4 of the concerts on … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – BG

by Brian McGlone I think at times I take this wonderful community of Guilford for granted. I don’t think about what it must have been like when our community was settled in 1639, 375 years ago! However, participating on the 375th Anniversary Committee gave me a chance to be involved and enabled me to reflect on our past, live in our present, and dream about our future. When we started planning and fundraising about 18 months before the start of 2014, it seemed so far in the future and we … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – RF

by Roberta Flannery My association with the Guilford 375th Anniversary Committee began serendipitously. In late winter of 2012, a couple of years after I had moved to Guilford from Southport, I attended a reception hosted by St. George Church for volunteers in its various ministries. There I came face to face with a person I had come to recognize only by the back of her honey-blond hair since I usually sat several pews in back of her at Mass. She was Anita Catardi, the go-to, get-it-all-done … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – JT

by Janet Testa There were so many wonderful memories of the year that has celebrated the 375th anniversary of the Town of Guilford, but the one that comes to mind first and foremost was the gathering of the decedents for the reenactment of the signing of the covenant. Looking at all of the people proudly displaying the tags identifying them as having descended directly from those first settlers was so moving. There was an excitement in the air that was electric, and when the students … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – LC

by Lisa Calderone When I first spotted the call for volunteers for Guilford’s 375th anniversary in the Guilford Courier, I thought it would be a fun way to get to know my town and neighbors better. The Town may have been 375 years old to others, but it was new to me. I had been living in Guilford 5 years but commuted 4 of them to Fairfield every day, so was just starting to settle in on a different level. Veronica’s request for help with the website and Brian’s invitation … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – SP

by Stephen Page It's hard to believe that this group (the 375th Anniversary Committee) has been at it for almost three years! Our first few meetings had me wondering if all of what we wanted to accomplish was possible. However with skill and daring we did it. The event I co-chaired with Anita Catardi, "Guilford Generations Jubilee," was to be the kick-off event for the start of the Town-wide celebration of Guilford's 375th Anniversary. Anita and I found ourselves fast friends and … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – AC

by Anita Catardi As I look back on our town's Generations Jubilee, I am pleased with the way it developed. I experienced a day of a rise and drop of emotions. At 11:40 a.m., I was anxious when the fire truck was there and the crowd amounted to about 10, maybe 12. My heart dropped to my feet. A year's worth of work and no one was coming. With my head down I didn't know how I was going to get through the day. I looked up and like ants at a picnic, streams of people - families, kids, elderly, … [Read more...]