Guilford Stories

Scroll below for stories and memories about the Town of Guilford during its 375th Anniversary year.

What Guilford Means to Me

by Betty Whiteman Abel Celebration….2014. I’ve been celebrating Guilford since I was a little girl. How very meaningful, this place I call “Home.” Fine memories take over when I start to think of what Guilford means to me. From the river to the East, the orchards to the West, the Sunday afternoon Motorcycle Climb event in North Guilford, and then the Dock and Jacobs Beach if we go South. Guilford is a small New England town that holds something very special for all those who stay awhile. I … [Read more...]

Guilford Turns its Town Green into 1860’s America

History came alive on the gorgeous spring day of May 31, 2014, when the Guilford Green was abuzz with stories, music, dance, theatre, horse-drawn carriages and more, channeling 1860's America. "Guilford & The Civil War: A Day of Tribute" took place in honor of Guilford's 375th Anniversary, commemorating the valiant soldiers who fought and gave their lives in America's deadliest war, and recognizing as well the families and entire Guilford community who supported them on the homefront. … [Read more...]

Guilford is Our Favorite “Home Town”

by Lee Brockmann My family first came to Guilford in 1970, when my husband Fred Brockmann was selected to be Guilford's second Superintendent of Schools. (Deb Cox was Guilford's first Superintendent.) We left in 1977 when Farmingdale, Long Island, made him an offer he couldn't refuse, to be Supt. of Schools there. But when he retired from the Superintendency there in 1985, we returned to Guilford, because it was our favorite "home town." Shortly after our return, I became involved in the … [Read more...]

Leisure & Recreation in Guilford: Then & Now

by  Lisa Calderone-Perrelli Click cover photo below to view slideshow: [easy-media med="1858" align="center" mark="gallery-4CvoMC" style="dark"] Just imagine. When the 25 men aboard the Saint John that sailed from England to New Haven signed the Plantation Covenant in June 1639 to join together to "plant [themselves] in New England," they had one thought in mind: survival. Little did they know that 375 years later, the land they planted themselves in - Guilford, Connecticut - … [Read more...]

The Dudley Farm Museum – Farmer’s Market Open!

Saturday, June 7, 2014 marks the opening of The Dudley Farm Farmers’ Market. About 40 vendors will be selling their produce and crafts at the Farm from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Saturday through October 25th. Special events as well as demonstrations are being planned for this year’s market. Our winter market, located on the lower floor of the Munger Barn, opened in February and runs through May 2014 on the first Saturday of each month. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. About the Dudley … [Read more...]

Memories of Guilford

My family moved to Guilford in 1959. I started third grade at Church St. School, now the Guilford Recreation Center. I remember walking to the Grove swimming hole behind the Guilford Vet through the fields, with my mother and younger siblings for a picnic and a swim in the afternoon. Sleeping out under the stars, but never sleeping. Listening to the bull frogs in the pond late at night. Raiding Bishops Apple Orchards. Maple Shade for ice cream. Painting the town Green Merchant's windows at … [Read more...]

A “Townie’s” Tribute to Guilford

by Kersten Trotta Kitteredge I will start out by saying I am a "townie" and LOVE Guilford. I learned to swim at Jacobs beach and it's still one of my favorite places. I remember my parents buying me my first bike at "Pete's" and learning to ride it on the Green. I can't tell you how many times I have walked on those well kept sidewalks on the Green. The most memorable being my GHS graduation and many years later our two oldest children walked there too. Last summer we had new … [Read more...]

My 375th Anniversary Memories – AC

by Anita Catardi As I look back on our town's Generations Jubilee, I am pleased with the way it developed. I experienced a day of a rise and drop of emotions. At 11:40 a.m., I was anxious when the fire truck was there and the crowd amounted to about 10, maybe 12. My heart dropped to my feet. A year's worth of work and no one was coming. With my head down I didn't know how I was going to get through the day. I looked up and like ants at a picnic, streams of people - families, kids, elderly, … [Read more...]

Guilford’s Soldiers of the Civil War

by Tracy Tomaselli In its 375-year history, Guilford has sent hundreds of men off to war:  sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, and neighbors. These men fought in many major battles, minor battles, and skirmishes. They also dealt with disease, capture, and harsh prison treatment. Many of these brave men did not return home. At the Guilford & the Civil War event on Saturday, May 31, you can learn about 5 of these soldiers straight from a Guilford High School history student. The GHS … [Read more...]

From San Francisco to Guilford: Embracing Warmth, Embracing Home

by Maia Ettinger When Donna and I - both East Coasters - decided we'd had enough of San Francisco, we drew a 100-mile radius around New York City and started looking for a new home. Let's face it: an interracial lesbian couple can't go just anywhere. Sadly, there are still places we'd be unwelcome. We looked at Westport and Fairfield, but the houses were expensive, and the communities didn't seem so warm. Then someone suggested Guilford. We were instantly taken with the beautiful green and … [Read more...]