What Guilford Means to Me

by Betty Whiteman Abel

Betty Abel, GuilfordCelebration….2014. I’ve been celebrating Guilford since I was a little girl. How very meaningful, this place I call “Home.” Fine memories take over when I start to think of what Guilford means to me.

From the river to the East, the orchards to the West, the Sunday afternoon Motorcycle Climb event in North Guilford, and then the Dock and Jacobs Beach if we go South. Guilford is a small New England town that holds something very special for all those who stay awhile. I embrace the Old Timers and welcome the Newcomers, knowing they soon will be touched by the warmth and beauty that surrounds them.

In the middle of all that I hold dear is the beautiful Green. It is the place for coming together:  to worship, to sing carols, to remember those who have gone to war, to bestow honors and awards on our Guilford High School Graduates, and to take part in many other activities held there.

For those who lived in Guilford before 1933, I thank you for my memories of the yellow cobblestones now buried under the black paved roads. The wagons piled high with baled hay slowly being pulled up the street by a team of horses. I thank you for preserving our heritage — for making this a fun town to be a child in. There were so many happy times.

For all those who are taking part in Guilford’s 375th celebration, take notice of the caring and sharing that you find, and give to others bits of the spirit and pride that is so evident. Hold fast to this time in history for it will not come this way again…

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