Tell Us Your Story About Guilford Today

Everyone sees Guilford through a different lens. What’s yours?

We invite you to share your favorite aspects about living in Guilford. If it’s short, you can share it as a comment below. If you have more to say – up to 500 words, with photos if you’d like – then share it with us through the form below. From these entries, we will select stories to feature throughout the year. (If you have a favorite memory or story from Guilford’s past, share here.)

Wondering what to write about? Here are some suggestions:

  • Did you attend the Town’s Generations Jubilee? If so, what was the highlight of your day?
  • What is your favorite [fill in the blank] about the Town of Guilford?
  • What do you suggest visitors see if they only had ONE DAY to visit Guilford?
  • What is the most beautiful spot in town?
  • Tell us about your favorite people in town – neighbors, teachers, professionals of every ilk, volunteers – whoever helps you feel at home in Guilford.
  • What’s your favorite Guilford town event, and why?
  • What’s the best meal – or shop – in town?

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