Happy 375th Birthday, Guilford!

by Lee Brockmann

My family first came to Guilford in 1970, when my husband Fred Brockmann was selected to be Guilford’s second Superintendent of Schools. (Deb Cox was Guilford’s first Superintendent.) We left in 1977 when Farmingdale, Long Island, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, to be Supt. of Schools there. But when he retired from the Superintendency there in 1985, we returned to Guilford, because it was our favorite “home town.”

Shortly after our return, I became involved in the planning for Guilford’s 350th Birthday celebration, which became a year-long series of events. I hope that many Guilfordites still remember some of those town-wide concerts, dances, fireworks, and the birthday party on the Green in 1989. There were twenty 350th Birthday events that year.

When the year ended, money was deposited in a “400th Birthday” account at Guilford Savings Bank, as seed-money for Guilford’s 400th Birthday celebration. I hope a committee will remember this and use that account for such a celebration in the year 2039.

Happy 375th Birthday, Guilford!

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