Local Girl Scouts Continue the Tradition of Supporting the Military

Connecticut’s role in the Civil War was mainly one of providing equipment, arms, money, supplies and manpower for the Union Army and the Union Navy, but Guilford’s role was a more personal one.

In the 1860s, just as today, virtually no family escaped the pain of war as sons, fathers, brothers, friends, and neighbors marched off to battle. The Guilford community rallied behind them, offering care and support to the soldiers and their families. The women of the Soldier’s Aid Society made socks, quilts, jellies, barrels of vegetables, and other items which were sent to soldiers and brought to them by the Reverend William S. Smith and other Guilford men.

Today, Girl Scouts from Guilford continue the tradition of providing comfort to the military by collecting money for the Cookies for the Heroes program and also by encouraging residents to write letters to servicemen and servicewomen.

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