Memories of Guilford

Guilford at 375My family moved to Guilford in 1959. I started third grade at Church St. School, now the Guilford Recreation Center. I remember walking to the Grove swimming hole behind the Guilford Vet through the fields, with my mother and younger siblings for a picnic and a swim in the afternoon. Sleeping out under the stars, but never sleeping. Listening to the bull frogs in the pond late at night. Raiding Bishops Apple Orchards. Maple Shade for ice cream. Painting the town Green Merchant’s windows at Halloween, and if you were home by 9:00 pm, getting a prize from the Goblin if he called your house and you were home. Going to the back door of Chello’s Oyster House to pick up Lemon Meringue Pie with the meringue so high the lid on the box didn’t go down. Skating at the Mill Pond to Mr. Weady’s music and roaring bon fire. Sledding on the hill. Playing softball with all the neighborhood kids in a neighbor’s backyard. Swimming at Jacobs Beach but never wanting to touch bottom because you sank into the mucky bottom. Building floats for the Guilford Fair Day Parade all four years of High School. Dr. Adams racing around town in her VW Bug like a mad woman and even driving across the Green. Walking down the hall in high school and seeing cigarette smoke billowing out of the lav into the hall and everyone denying they were smoking. Cruising around town just driving endlessly. My dad always saying, “I never knew anyone who could waste $20 worth of gas just driving around the Guilford Green.”

I remember many , many more fond memories and loving friendships that still stand the test of time today. May all the kids living there now have as wonderful a childhood in Guilford as I did.

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