Michael Greco Wins Guilford 375th Anniversary Photo Contest

Michael Greco Guilford Photo

Photo Credit: Michael Greco

Michael Greco, a graduate of Guilford High School Class of 2014, was the winner of the photo contest sponsored by the Guilford 375th Anniversary Committee for GHS students.  Michael’s photo of the Goss Property, now part of the East River Preserve, captured the greatest number of Committee votes.

Supervised by GHS English teacher Sarah Kostandin, the contest was open to all Guilford High School students.  It was the third student competition sponsored by the Committee in its efforts to include all segments of Guilford’s population in the celebration of the Town’s founding.  The other two contests were the naming of the Guilford New Year’s Eve event and the creation of the commemorative book cover.  Additionally, Guilford’s youth were invited to participate in many of the Anniversary signature events.

Michael, a native of Guilford, developed an attraction to nature through numerous days spent roaming the Goss Property, now the East River Preserve, at an early age. His interest in photography arose when his aunt gave him his first camera a few years ago.

Michael believes that “photography is not about freezing a moment to last forever; that is what memories are for.  Photography is finding a simple everyday scene and looking at it in different perspectives.”  An example of this is his captivation by rain, which he considers “an underappreciated phenomenon of everyday life. Most people associate rain with some sort of poignancy, but I see it as a chance to cool off or get out of watering my mom’s plants,” said Michael.

In addition to photography, Michael’s other pastimes include the cello and running.  At the College of the Holy Cross, where he will pursue a major in foreign policy, Michael plans to further his interest in the cello by becoming a member of the Holy Cross Orchestra.

Michael’s photos and other photos submitted to the contest will be displayed at the Nathanael B. Green Community Center later this summer.



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